Promote your Business, Products, Services and Events using Customized Hand fan designed with your advertising messages and logo

9 reasons why you need the personalized hand fans to promote your business
1.   60% of paper flyers you give out are never read by recipients  and 95% end up in waste bins
2.   Huge advertising cost is often wasted on easily disposable ineffective paper fliers
3.   Hand fans can be designed and customized with your company’s logo, colours and specific advertising messages
4.    Hand fans are easily accepted by people because of its functional value as ‘hand fan’
5.   People could keep the hand fan for a long time, thereby enhancing the duration of the advertising message and the brand identity to the recipient( target audience)
6.   The advertising impact of using hand fans are more effective than paper flyers
7.   Customized paper hand fans are more cost effective over a long period, because the frequency of producing the hand fan is lesser than the easily disposable paper flyers
8.   The hand fan can also be used as a perfect promotional gift item, to be given out to customers during festivities and promo campaigns.
9.   The customized hand fans can actually be regarded as “portable bill boards” with recipients showcasing your company and advertising message wherever they go.

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